Organic Bound

Enough Is Enough

February 2014

Who doesn’t want more organic food options? We certainly do! But the organic business can’t keep growing if people think that “organic” and “natural” are the same thing.

Almost any food product can stamp “natural” or “all natural” on their packaging. This false advertising is confusing consumers and leading them to believe these products have the same benefits for them and the environment that organic products do.

Only Organic is a new public outreach campaign that’s fighting back against consumer confusion by promoting organic — the real natural. And Earthbound Farm is proud to support it! 

Their mission is to help everyone understand that only organic food is made in the way Nature intended, without the use of toxic pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and genetically engineered ingredients.

Check out their hilarious new video debunking the “natural” label myth — then share, share, share!

More amazing videos are in the pipeline, and there’s much more info to come. We hope you’ll join us and like Only Organic on Facebook, follow them on Twitter @Organic_Voices and sign up to make sure you’re in the know.

Thanks for your support!

And thanks to for the great images from their website.


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