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Behind the Blend: Zen

July 2014

When you pick up a package of Earthbound Farm Organic greens, ever wonder where that particular combination came from? Here’s the short story behind the delicious mix of bold and authentic greens that we call Zen.

Here in California we’ve always loved Asian flavors; they inspired us to create a mix of hearty greens that could stand up to bolder spices and seasonings, yet still be tender and flavorful enough to toss into a fresh salad or blend into a frosty smoothie without any fuss.

Of course, it can take years to develop a blend of varieties that can grow well organically, from season to season, in our different growing areas, with all of Mother Nature’s changes thrown in. And the mix has to taste great, too.

That’s Earthbound Farm Organic Zen, one of our Deep Green Blends™: a mix of fresh, organic baby greens that achieves the perfect balance — from tender to crunch, spice to sweet, bold to mild. These delicious, nutritious little leaves are ready to inspire you to create something wonderful, from stir-frys to salads, from smoothies to soups, from pasta to pizza and more.

We’re so passionate about Zen that we’ve been known to snack right out of the package. Next time you pick up some Zen, try a few leaves yourself, on their own. You’ll see what we mean — and your recipes may never be the same!

Try Zen in just about anything you might be hungry for:

  • Start your day with a delightfully rich Berry Zen Smoothie.
  • Make a Zen Salad with crunchy carrots, toasty almonds, chewy cranberries and a lively Asian-inspired vinaigrette for a light lunch or dinnertime side.
  • Take dinner multinational with a warm & comforting bowl of Zen Minestrone — did we mention it’s even better the next day?

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