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Behind the Blend: Power

March 2016

When you pick up a package of Earthbound Farm Organic blended greens, do you ever wonder why we mix the leaf varieties that we do? Here’s the short story behind one of our faves: the ever so delicious and versatile Power.

Back in 2011, we introduced our organic baby kale. The delicious little leaves were tender enough for salads without any prep, yet strong enough to stand up to cooking, too. We were in love! (And we weren’t alone.)

At Earthbound Farm, we’re always running “field trials” — growing new varieties of greens, even if we don’t know how we’ll use them. Why? Because it can take up to four years to develop a particular kind of seed or leaf that will grow well organically, from season to season, in our different growing areas, and with the inevitable curve balls thrown by Mother Nature. Above all, it has to taste good, too.

So when we looked for new ways to use our baby kale, the challenge was to find other leaves that would make a nice pairing, yet be just as versatile from cold to hot recipes. It turned out that kale’s perfect companions were already growing in our fields! 

The result is one of our favorite green combos ever: Earthbound Farm Organic Power. Each leaf contributes a different flavor to the mix; together, they’re spectacular in salads, perfect in smoothies, and delightful in soups, sautés and other cooked recipes. Not to mention all the deep green nutrition they bring! 

Next time you pick up a package of Power, taste each leaf on its own, fresh out of the package. You’ll see what we mean.

Once you've explored the simple goodness of the greens themselves, power up your taste buds with these delicious recipes:

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