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5 Ways to Be a Perfect Thanksgiving Guest

November 2013

Did you get invited to Thanksgiving dinner? Our friend Sara Tetreault of Go Gingham knows 5 thoughtful ways you can be a perfect guest!

  1. Ask. Why let your host have all the fun? Ask what you can bring, and if there’s a particular recipe you can make. This is my favorite way to get out of my same-old-recipe rut!
  2. Bring. Whether or not you're asked to bring a dish to share, don't show up empty handed. Bring a drink to share — ideally one to enjoy that night.
  3. Make music. Dig into those CDs and burn a disc of your favorite festive tunes for your host. I love it when my friends share their music with me!
  4. Be present. Turn off your smartphone. It's hard to be a gracious dinner guest if you're constantly looking at your screen.
  5. Help out. When your host starts clearing dishes, that's your cue. Don't let your host do all the cleanup after they've cooked a wonderful dinner.

Bonus tip:  If you know there will be lots of leftovers, bring a couple of your own containers to take some home. Mom (or Dad) will be glad to regain fridge space! Plus, reusable containers don’t generate waste like plastic bags and foil, and you don't have to return them. 

Extra bonus tip:  Want to get invited back next year? Mail a handwritten thank-you note to your host. Be sure and tell them how much you enjoyed their company, too!

Sara Tetreault is the creator of Go Gingham - Stylishly Frugal Living. Be inspired with tips, tricks and techniques that save money, resources and time. Find Sara on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest and Twitter.

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