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3 Ways to Find Your Clean Eating Groove

January 2014

Whether you make “New Year’s Resolutions” or not, the beginning of the year is a natural time to try something new. And it’s a great time to find your healthy “clean eating groove.”

What does that mean?

Basically, clean eating is mindful eating — replacing highly processed items with more natural foods and making choices you can feel good about, whatever your food philosophy. When you shop, keep these 3 basic questions in mind:

  • Is it healthy? Look for the USDA Organic seal and choose organic whenever you can. Learn to read package labels so you know the ingredients — if your Grandma wouldn’t recognize it as food, put it back on the shelf.
  • Is it balanced? Seek out a balance of food sources and nutrients when you’re putting together a meal, including protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Even if you eat meat, fill at least half of your plate with plant-based foods.
  • Is it whole? Find fresh, whole (and whole grain) or at least minimally processed foods that you can prepare yourself. Steer clear of artificial ingredients and preservatives. You’ll know exactly what you’re eating, and you’ll enjoy the best your ingredients can offer.

Try a few small changes to start; keep what works for you, get rid of what doesn’t. Take it one day, or even one meal at a time. And don’t worry about going slow or giving in to a craving — tomorrow morning, you can make healthier choices again.

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